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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I begin?
For those thinking of entering the speaking industry as well as those that would like to grow their income and learn from the best, we strongly recommend the following: . . . keep reading
How do I view or modify my account information?

Can I sell my products on this site?
Yes. For now, we can only accept downloadable products to be offered in the Products section of the website. All submissions are subject to Editor's approval of quality, content and applicabil . . . keep reading
Can I advertise on this site?
Absolutely. By advertising with Sharing Ideas Magazine, you can reach the largest international audience of professional speakers, authors and consultants. C . . . keep reading
Is there someone that I can hire to help me?
Yes. Our Speaker Resources section is filled with companies that cater to the various needs of our industry professionals. There you will find consultants, web designers, speaking coaches, boo . . . keep reading
Why should I become a subscriber?
Membership has its advantages and we strive to give our readers and subscribers the most in-depth content available. Our goal is to help you obtain more bookings, sell more products and increa . . . keep reading
Can I start my speaking career part time?
Absolutely. Very few professional speakers start their careers speaking full time. If you have a job, we recommend that you keep it until you have developed enough reserves and have successfully compl . . . keep reading
How do I submit an article for inclusion on this site?
At SharingIdeasMag.com we are always looking for new ideas to share with our rapidly growing audience. If you are interested in sharing your OWN ideas with fellow speakers, authors, and consultan . . . keep reading
How Much Money Can I Make?
Top professional speakers, authors and consultants often generate annual revenue in the six to seven figure range. Unlike a nine to five job, there is no limit to your income potential. They often make money thru multiple sources of income such as: product sales, speaking, consulting, teleseminars, boot camps and more. . . . keep reading
How do I submit a testimonial?
It's easy and it only takes a minute... . . . keep reading



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