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Learn time tested money making tips from our vast selection of online content that has been hand picked specifically for our members.

Presenting IS Performing
By Kinza Christenson
The introduction has been made. All eyes are on you....it's show time!! Whether you are a technical presenter or entertaining keynoter, you want to create an experience that leaves your audience raving to bring you back. . . . keep reading
Live Television? No Problem!
By Courtney Elizabeth Anderson, JD, MBA
3 Things That You Need to Know. Your moment has arrived. The camera, the lights, and millions of eyes are on you. Perhaps you're speaking to a famous person who is known around the world or you're seated next to an actor, politician or other notable household personality... . . . keep reading
Six Ideas to Help Obtain Corporate Sponsorships
by Aldonna Ambler
It pays to get to know people and companies who sell services and products to the same target market(s) that you do.... . . . keep reading
Cruise Ship Speaking: A Great Opportunity for New and Emerging Speakers (and Not Bad for Ol' Salts Either)
By Daniel Hall
Here's the question: Would you be willing to trade three hours of your time for seven days of luxury, pampering and exotic travel? I thought so... . . . keep reading
By DL “Lonnie” Rhyne
The Booming World Market for Speakers
By Dottie and Lilly Walters
Video conferencing, business television seminars, video training sessions, "virtual" on-line classes: Everyday technology finds a way to keep us talkin' to each other electronically, rather than in "face-time" We look at these wonders and can't help but ponder, "Will there be a need for face-time speakers in the future? Real-time speakers in front of a live real-time audience? Will, over time, computers put speakers out of business?" . . . keep reading
5 Tips to Book Covers that SELL!
By Susan Kendrick and Graham Van Dixhorn
Everyone who picks up your book will do the same thing--flip it over to read the back cover. This is where you either make the sale or end up back on the shelf. You've hooked them with your great front cover. Now give them a reason to BUY. . . . keep reading



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