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Speaking Business
To Speak or Not to Speak
by Boaz Rauchwerger
It was November 19th. There was a chill in the air. Throngs of veterans, politicians and ordinary citizens had gathered in a meadow to honor the dead from a fierce battle. The main speaker . . . keep reading
The Sales Success Formula
Over the course of ten years, I have inter­viewed thousands of employ­ees from all walks of life (many in the sales and marketing fields). What do these people say they want? More time . . . keep reading
When Speakers' Bureaus Don't Call (part 2)
By Mary McKay
9 Things You Can Do to Attract Bureaus with Resources You Can Use Today for Immediate Results . . . keep reading
When Speakers' Bureaus Don't Call (part 1)
By Mary McKay
9 Things You Can Do to Attract Bureaus with Resources You Can Use Today for Immediate Results . . . keep reading
Are You a Real or an Imitation Consultant?
By Aldonna R. Ambler, CMC, CSP
A consulting client of mine has a well earned excellent reputation as a consultant within her industry. She was intrigued by the number of emails she received every week from up-and-coming competitors who "want to work with her" and "do what [she] does." My growth strategy consulting firm analyzed her business and concluded that... . . . keep reading
Go Back to School in Style: Presenting Programs on College Campuses!
By Dave Kelly
Presenting to college and university students is fun. It is also a great way to expand your business into an arena with thousands of speaking opportunities per year. . . . keep reading
The Fifteen Most Common Publicity Mistakes Speakers Make
By Pam Lantos
In this four-part series, author and publisher Bill Quain, Ph.D. tells speakers, consultants and authors how to create multiple income streams with self-published books. "The money is out there," says Quain. "From writing your own book to publishing books that others write, there are plenty of opportunities." . . . keep reading
Discipline is a Mandatory Speaker Habit
By Bob Urichuck
What is Discipline? Does discipline have anything to do with speaking success or motivation? Does discipline have anything to do with your everyday life? Can discipline be an effective habit? . . . keep reading
How To Be Booked By Speakers Bureaus
By Dottie and Lilly Walters
If you can make a match with a bureau, you have secured a wonderful business partnership. . . . keep reading
Increase Your Speaking Income in Troubled Times
By the Publishers of Sharing Ideas Newsmagazine
Due to the alerts being announced in the media, we thought you might like some ideas on ways to continue and increase your speaking income. Many are afraid to travel these days so here are 2 simple ways to increase your income from your own home! . . . keep reading
About Commercial Sponsors
By the Publishers of Sharing Ideas Newsmagazine
There are many ways to attain and work with Commercial Sponsors in your career as a speaker author and consultant. All of them are lucrative, and will bring added publicity to you and your products. . . . keep reading
Working with Speakers Bureaus: Industry Definitions
By The Publishers of Sharing Ideas Newsmagazine
Speakers Bureaus have large data bases of speakers with many different programs, topics from a wide range of fee levels. This article explains how Speaker Bureaus work. . . . keep reading
The 5 Most Common Myths About Speakers Bureaus
By The Publishers of Sharing Ideas Newsmagazine
We have written 5 of the most common misconceptions of working with bureaus with the hope of dispelling many myths we have seen develop within the speaking industry. . . . keep reading
Bureaus and Speakers Struggle with Holds
By Dottie Walters
Whenever speakers bureaus and speakers get together, they discuss the subject of "holds" and problems associated with them. Here is an example of how one of the most common problems occur. We appreciate your comments. . . . keep reading
Create a Powerful Fee Menu and Increase Your Income
By Dottie Walters
One of the most important tools a professional speaker must have is a powerful FEE MENU. Here are 7 simple tips which will vastly increase your income, while at the same time make it much easier to work with Meeting Planners and Bureaus. It will let them know exactly what you offer and clarify your fees for your programs, products, consulting and other services. We have helped hundreds of speakers create fee menus and they have come back time and time again to say this idea alone immediately increased their income 3 fold! . . . keep reading
Increase Your Speaking Income with Consulting
By Dottie Walters
One day as I was reading some of Benjamin Franklin's marvelous material, I noticed how often he used the words "I observed." To observe does not mean to glance, it means to think. So many speakers do not think out the possibilities for continuing consulting opportunities to be of great value to their speaking clients. Ask yourself: "Are you leaving literally thousands of dollars lying on the lectern, when you could be offering your speaking clients long term consulting help as a follow-up to your program?" . . . keep reading
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