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Speaking Business continued

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Increase Your Speaking Income with Consulting
By Dottie Walters
One day as I was reading some of Benjamin Franklin's marvelous material, I noticed how often he used the words "I observed." To observe does not mean to glance, it means to think. So many speakers do not think out the possibilities for continuing consulting opportunities to be of great value to their speaking clients. Ask yourself: "Are you leaving literally thousands of dollars lying on the lectern, when you could be offering your speaking clients long term consulting help as a follow-up to your program?" . . . keep reading

10 Tips for Getting that Consulting Assignment
By Tom Lambert
Recognize that research shows that between 11% and 15% of an audience will be assigning consultants within 12 weeks on average. It is a major opportunity. . . . keep reading

Roaring Money Streams
By Dottie Walters
Perhaps you have read Robert Kiyosaki's Best Selling Book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" or Robert Allen's book "Multiple Streams of Income." If you set up many ways of earning income in the Speaking Business, you will be covered if one falls back and of course you should constantly keep your eyes open for additional opportunities. . . . keep reading

Fascinating Speakers Bureau Survey Results
By Dottie Walters
We know you will find this survey from 50 of the top Speakers Bureau Owners of great interest. Even though Bureau owners meet with each other at our IASB conventions, we often feel a bit isolated and wonder if other Bureaus feel as we do. So here are some questions we posed to Speakers Bureaus with their answers. . . . keep reading

Commercial Sponsors for Speaker Products
By Dottie Walters
These questions are ones I am asked most often by speakers who consult with me for help in obtaining Commercial Sponsors. . . . keep reading

Using What You Already Know To Earn More Than You Already Earn
By Wendy Keller
Did you know that more than 320 rights exist in any piece of intellectual property? How many of those rights are you thinking of when you consider writing a book, giving a speech or creating an audio product? Quickly assessing your product for hidden revenue streams is an important skill. . . . keep reading

Obtain Commercial Sponsors For Speaking Engagements
By Dottie Walters
There are many ways Professional Speakers can add Commercial Sponsors to their Income streams. In this issue, we will discuss how to obtain commercial sponsors for your speaking engagements and seminars. . . . keep reading

Add Magic to Your Back of Room Sales
By Tom Antion
I've learned a lot about back of the room sales in the past couple years. My high day so far was $52,000.00 and some change on one speech. This article isn't about the technique of Back of the Room Sales. I'll cover that in a future issue. This article is about an overall philosophy to increase sales and a specific technique that I've been using. . . . keep reading

Speakers Bureaus Speak Up
By Norma Thompson Hollis
I absolutely love this business. What other business provides the opportunity to meet so many positive people with powerful messages? As a bureau owner I meet more speakers than I can remember. Since my company not only represents speakers but also trains them, speakers flock to me with their stories, hopes, products, ambitions and joint venture opportunities. I love it when speakers come to me prepared. This means they have a brand, a clear message, a well-thought out presentation and professional marketing materials that appropriately represent them. Whether the speaker is a beginner or a long-term professional, when they come to me focused on what they are trying to accomplish as a speaker it is music to my ears. . . . keep reading

Speakers Protect Your Intellectual Property With Trademarks
By Carol Desmond
A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services produced or provided by one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Any distinctive words, letters, numerals, drawings, pictures, shapes, colors logotypes, labels or combinations used to distinguish goods or services may be considered a trademark. . . . keep reading

A Hidden Secret to Growing Your Speaking Business - Attending Live Marketing Seminars
by James Malinchak
Recently, I was asked by one of my VIP Platinum Mastermind Coaching Members what was one thing that changed my speaking income. Without hesitation I responded, "When I decided to take a chance and attend a marketing seminar, rather than a speaking seminar!" I remembered that moment like it was yesterday. There were a few things that concerned me. . . . keep reading

The Speakers' Book Doctor Is In: Give Your Speaking Credibility a Huge Boost Fast!
By Warren Jamison
Publishing your own book will give your public speaking career a tremendous boost in credibility. Nothing validates your expertise to more people with greater authority. Besides being a profitable product for Internet and BOTR sales, it's a powerful selling tool for scheduling more speaking dates at higher fees. Remember, your own book is a 200-page advertisement of your expertise and services and your readers pay you for it, rather than you paying to advertise for them. . . . keep reading

Want to Garner More Speaking Engagements? Learn All You Can About Diversity
Paul Lawrence Vann
Congratulations are in order; the population in the United States of America recently exceeded 300 million citizens. How does this affect you and more specifically your speaking and or publishing business? . . . keep reading

How to Avoid Being Manipulated During Negotiations
By John Patrick Dolan, Attorney at Law, CSP, CPAE
In the sales profession, not everyone you interact with will be an ethical negotiator. And a difference in standards can potentially cause serious problems in the negotiation process. Some people enter negotiations with no interest in forging mutually beneficial agreements. These types are only interested in getting what's good for them, and they don't mind abusing other people in the process; they play hard ball. So if someone won't meet you on your level, you need defense tactics that will keep you from getting steamrolled. . . . keep reading

The Gender Blenders: How Successful Men and Women Mix-It-Up in Negotiation
By John Patrick Dolan
From early history, boys and girls grew up in separate cultures, schooled in separate roles. Not surprisingly, then, men and women developed identifiable styles of communication. Papa's language was the language of the hunt and the fight; the language of competition. Mama's language was the language of hearth and home; of nurturing and cooperation. It should not surprise us that men and women frequently misunderstand one another, even in everyday communications. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 16 thru 30 of 30 Found BACK 

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